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With concern for the health and safety of our members in mind, the Trustees have moved to suspend all in-person classes at the ETI until further notice. The ETI is working diligently to provide training remotely and will be communicating future class dates for remote classes as they become available. Continue working for your employer per their direction. Dispatch will continue as long as the IBEW Local 11 hiring hall remains open.

Please make every effort to take precautions to stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Check your emails and this website for further updates.

Due to the demand for apprentices in the Sound and Communication and Intelligent Transportation Systems, we have begun accepting and processing applications for these two programs only. If you are interested in one of the other programs, please check back in July for an update. We thank you for your understanding and interest in our program.

Online Applications are Here

After much testing and refining we are pleased to announce the ETI Online Application is available now.
Click here to go to the application.

Click here to schedule for retest.

OSCA High Hazard Facility Training Course Upcoming Class

- April 25, 2019

REFINERY SAFETY ORIENTATION (RSO) - This 3 day training is provided by OSCA and beginning July 2018 is required to work in refinery job sites. The training is broken down into the following three areas:

1. Principles of Petroleum Refining (4 Hours) - Students will explore the critical role refining plays in unleashing the potential of a barrel of crude oil and turning it into the specially formulated products that we rely on every day. These products include gasoline, agricultural chemicals, heating oil, plastics, and even prescription medicines. The training will also cover basic refining streams and unit configurations. Also covered will be hazard inherent to high hazard facilities and common emergency response processes. A section of the training will explain refining culture as it may differ from other industry sectors. An introduction to common refining terminology will be covered.
2. Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) - (8 Hours) - Students will learn the basic safety principles associated with working in High Hazard Facilities. To include: Overview of Personal Requirements for Refineries Hazard Management and Risk tolerance Hazard Communication Emergency Action Plans Toxicology Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for working in a refinery Respiratory Protection Hearing Conservation Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) Confined Space Prevention of Heat Stress Refinery Safe Work Practices Refinery Process Overview Process Safety Management.
3. Safety as it Pertains to Crafts (8 Hours) - Students will learn about examples of specific interdependencies and relationships of trades for work being performed in the field. Examples will include stacked work, dissimilar trades in direct proximity with each other, dissimilar risks associated with trade types (i.e., electrical energy, product energy, radiation, potential falling objects, etc.) job sequencing, and barricading.


February 20, 2018

ELECTRICAL VEHICLE INFRASTRUCTURE TRAINING PROGRAM (EVITP) - This 24-hour class addresses the requirements, regulations, products, and strategies which will enable contractors and electricians to master successful, expert, and professional customer relations, installations, and maintenance of Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) infrastructure. Graduates will gain thorough knowledge and practical application of all covered EV Infrastructure subjects, and this certification is recommended by vehicle manufacturers to perform these EV and PHEV installations.


May 1, 2018

ESAMTAC is an education/training program, and credential (future), that prepares electrical contractors and electricians for the safe and effective assembly, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, retrofitting, and decommissioning of energy storage and microgrid (ESM) systems. ESAMTAC consists of two courses and related credentials. The Primary course develops knowledge and skills with an emphasis on energy storage and microgrid components.

Convention Center Orientation

Classes added!
Due to the overwhelming success and demand, we have added more Convention Center Orientation Classes.
Sign up for classes on Saturday Jan 25


As outlined in the letter from IBEW Local 11 Business Manager Marvin Kropke, we will begin working in the LA Convention Center soon.
The ETI is having our first Convention Center Orientation class Saturday Aug 3
Be ready to take the job calls to the LA Convention Center
Contact the ETI Office ASAP to sign up, space is limited

Update on State Certification

Please visit our News and Events page for more details.

Practice Tests are available for the State of California VDV Certification.

Meeting Industry Standards
Today's competitive and demanding construction industry mandates that workers in all trades possess a high degree of experience and formal training. Whether the project is constructing a high rise office complex, performing tenant improvements, building a power plant or a single family house, tradesmen must be able to work at the highest quality standards.

Standards That Give You Confidence
The Los Angeles County Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 11 (IBEW) have long understood the critical role that quality electrical work plays in the construction process. A role where there is no room for guesswork, error or less than optimum productivity. That's why the Electrical Training Institute (ETI) plays such an important part in assuring building owners, developers, plant managers, general contractors, architects and engineers that journeyman electricians trained at the ETI have received the highest quality training in the industry. It is this training that enables union electricians to perform tasks that range from the basics to working with complex data and programmable logic control systems so prevalent in today's commercial buildings.

Training That Makes You Money
The training program is entirely funded by private industry through contributions by the employer and IBEW electricians. Apprentice electricians pay no tuition, while receiving wages for their work during the day. This commitment to training -- self-funded by the unionized electrical construction industry -- is proof that when Union electrical contractors are on the job, customers can expect the best, most highly qualified electrical labor force available. Think of what this means for the average project. Jobs are completed on time. Quality standards translate to few -- if any-- call-backs. Tenants move in sooner. Improvements are completed on time. Down time is cut. Lease income is generated on schedule.

Education Never Stops
One of the primary components of the training program is teaching safety in the workplace. All courses are taught with safety in mind and there is even a specific course on safety. This is especially important not only for the worker, but for our customers' employees who may continue working on site during tenant improvement and renovation jobs. Because electrical technologies are ever evolving, the ETI understands the critical importance of keeping journey-man electricians informed of new developments in the industry. Developments that make job performance even more efficient and technically up to date. That's why the ETI offers journeyman electricians continuing education courses to assure that they are kept informed of the latest changes in the electrical construction industry.

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